BlackRapid camera strap

These are seriously the best camera straps I have ever used. I’ve had one for a few years now and I have recently purchased a second so I can work with one on each shoulder while shooting weddings. CURVE (RS-7)

Why are BlackRapid straps so good? The design is truly novel with the strap acting like a sling that sits over your shoulder. This means that the weight of your camera is no longer over the back of your neck. When you first put it on your camera feels half the weight. The really unique feature of these straps is the patented connector that screws into the base of your camera where you would attach the camera to a tripod. This allows the camera to sit upside down (and out of the way) by your side. When you want to take a photos this system allows the camera to quickly glide up the strap and into shooting position.

There are several designs (I have the RS-7 and the Sport) including one specifically designed for females. They retail for around $80 – $90 and can be purchased from a number of retails including Digital Camera Warehouse and Ted’s.

It’s not often a simple but well designed product comes along and significantly improves things. In my opinion this is the best camera strap on the market.

For more information visit the BlackRapid site and check out the video demonstrations.


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