Jumping spiders are the coolest to shoot

133-MTP macro-20150412

These little guys are so much fun. At about 3mm long they are far from menacing. They just jump around looking like they are having fun in the flowers. If you could go as far as calling a spider cute it would have to be a jumping spider.

Canon 7D, Kenko Tubes, 50mm 1.8 + macro diopter filter, coupled with my home made lighting setup.

Macro background colour

029-MTP macro-20150412

One of the things I love about macro photography are the colours. Not just the subject colours but the colours in the whole image. When shooting macro I always look for anything in the local environment that can be used in the background. A flower, a leaf or even a rock.

Matt’s Macro is back!

My dedicated macro set-up came to the end of its life some time back, hence the lack of new macro photography.

I’m back! A new 7D coupled with my home made lighting setup and macro gear means there is going to be lots more macro posts.

Hope you enjoy it!

Fly Face

Canon Release New 70D

Canon have just released the new 70D which Canon say “is the world’s first DSLR to feature Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, for fast Live View shooting and smooth Full HD movies.” EOS-70D-Design-Side2
The new EOS 70D looks like a great camera for enthusiast photographers who want great results at a reasonable mid range price!

See all the details, including sample shots and movies here

Samsung NX300 hits Australia

The new Samsung NX300 has just made it’s way to Australia and is well worth having a look at. This is a great looking camera with a choice of brown, black or white retro skins that look awesome.

The NX300 falls into a relatively new class of camera that is small in size (similar to four thirds cameras) but with the same C-size sensor found in many DSLR. This little camera is packed full of features that punch well above it’s weight. With a new ultra-sensitive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor and an advanced hybrid autofocus system for delivering detailed images that help blur the line between professional and enthusiast. Other impressive features include a 1/6,000 shutter speed, interchangeable lenses, RAW file shooting, and 8.6 frames per second!

At around $900 this camera is worth considering for those looking for a light weight travel camera with high end specs. See all the details here………

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