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Tinkering with macro set-up: 50mm reversed on tubes vs 50mm + tubes + Rynox

The never ending tinkering with my macro set-up continues.

I’ve been mixing it up with my standard 50mm + tubes + Raynox vs 50mm reversed on tubes vs. Raynox on 200mm.

I’ve got a downsizing ring for the Raynox on the 200 that should arrive this week so more to come on that.

Here are a few things to consider:

These are 50mm reversed with slight crop in LR (about 20%). Aperture was set manually before removing from camera and reversing.

The things I like about this set-up:

  • at f22 the dof is nice
  • its a bit less contrasty than other set-ups
  • working distance is greater than 50mm + tubes + Raynox (about 6cm vs 4cm)

The negatives:

  • at f22 its just too dark and the miss rate is subsequently much higher
  • the flash ETTL system seems to miss calculate the lighting more often.
  • All in all the results is great when it hits but the reliability is poor compared with the 50 + tubes + Raynox.

This is same set-up (50mm reversed on tubes) @ f14. easier to see but still harder than the 50mm on tubes + raynox.

This is from 50mm on tubes + Raynox

Same but with contrasty processing

Which do you prefer?

More to come so watch this space!


Which camera should I buy?

Kodak No2 Folding Autographic Brownie 1915-1926-1-2

By far the most common question I get about photography is “which camera should I buy”. There are so many great camera on the market that it’s no wonder people want advice on this.

Only you can choose which camera will best suit your situation but hopefully this guide will provide you with a clearer picture about your choices.

…………….see more here

BlackRapid camera straps


I use BlackRapid camera straps and I’m often asked about what they are and where to get them.

These are seriously the best camera straps I have ever used. I’ve had one for a few years now and I have recently purchased a second so I can work with one on each shoulder while shooting weddings.

Read more about them here in my tutorials section

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