Welcome to Photo Tinkering! IMG_1337-as-Smart-Object-1_facebook-2

I’m Matt Tinker, a photographer located in Sydney, Australia and principle photographer for Matt Tinker Photography Pty.Ltd. I specialise in portraits, family photography and weddings, however, I love all things to do with photography. My background is in health and with a Masters majoring in Adult Education I have a real passion for teaching and lifelong learning.

Photo Tinkering is my way of sharing my passion for all things to do with photography, not just my professional work at Matt Tinker Photography. You will quickly see I have a love of macro, seascape and portrait photography and a growing vintage camera collection.

I really want to share with you what I do, my experiences, and process. You will find the tutorial page full of tips and advice for new comers to the world of photography. I will also be sharing some of the background to my photos including camera settings, process and post production techniques. Please leave me lots of questions and comments and don’t forget to click the share buttons on anything you like.

I really hope you enjoy your time here.

Kind Regards


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