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Fly 2 - Matt Tinker

Flies get a pretty raw deal when it comes to reputation.

They get swatted, sprayed and are used as the bad guys in many repellent commercials.

In reality flies are really cool. They help to pollinate flowers, clean up waste, and are a great food source for many animals.

Best of all, flies are great to shoot. They have big eyes, amazing colours and really interesting faces that would make an awesome Halloween costume.

At the end of the day flies are really quite tolerant of big lenses being stuck in their faces which makes them perfect for learning macro photography.

Put out some organic plant fertilizer and pretty soon you will have an array of subjects to shoot.

Mantis with some new processing

065 - Backyard bugs - 20151121-Edit

I’ve recently started playing with the Nik Software straight out of Lightroom. I’ve used Niksoft software for years (pre Google purchasing it) but I’ve really only used it when editing in Photoshop. The Nik collection works quite well out of Lightroom to add a bit of puch to the dynamic range of images. Probably the biggest limitation is things can get a bit noisy in the shadows, especially if things are pushed too hard. Each of these images received about 1min of post production in Lightroom 6.

   044 - Backyard bugs - 20151121-Edit

Canon 7D, Kenko Tubes & 50mm 1.8 coupled with my home made lighting setup.

048 - Backyard bugs - 20151121-Edit

Jumping spider in the nasturtium with new lighting setup


Jumping Spider 20151024 - 04These are form the same set of jumping spider shots from the post about my new snoot set-up.

This little one was jumping around in the nasturtium flowers in our herb garden. The orange and yellow from the flower created fantastic background colours but the down side was quite a bit of colourcast to deal with tin post production.

Shot with my usual 7D with an array of tubes and close-up filters.